Who we are

Tom McIlvenny Claire Miller Katharine Garside Gary McIlvenny Farshad Shirazi

Tom McIlvenny
Managing Director

After leaving Leeds Metropolitan University with a 2.1 degree in Finance & Accountancy I took the decision to launch a start-up e-commerce business in the sports fashion market. My business model was to grow an online shop firstly on eBay to the point where it made economic sense to outsource warehousing and order fulfilment. The next stage was to develop a sales channel on Amazon and also to develop an independent website for premium brands. The business has grown rapidly over the first two years and is now in the position to recruit a small specialist team to fully maximise the online retail potential for our website.

Claire Miller
Digital Marketing Manager

Claire Miller is responsible for planning, analyzing and building the brand awareness of our menswear fashion online store www.snuggaroo.co.uk . Having spent a number of years working in event management overseas Claire joined JT Macs Direct in 2013. Her role includes management of all social media channels, digital content production, implementing and monitoring ongoing digital marketing and PR campaigns to increase the awareness of the online menswear retail company.

Katharine Garside
Head of Finance & Accounts

The financial advisor to the company is Katharine Garside, who qualified in 2008 as a chartered certified accountant. Katharine is responsible for all aspects of financial information for the company, a role to which she is perfectly suited due to her wealth of experience in matters of accountancy and taxation.

Gary McIlvenny
Non-Executive Director

Gary McIlvenny is a non-executive director of the company. He has over 35 years of business experience, initially as Marketing Director of a design and communications group and more recently in the e-commerce sector as Managing Director of a warehouse and fulfilment company.

Farshad Shirazi
Datum Technology Limited

IT infrastructure and web development is supported by our IT partner, Datum Technology, under the guidance of Director Farshad Shirazi. Farshad oversees all website and design development in addition to writing special applications for business integration, thus constantly improving the efficiency of our system.


We are always looking to develop new buying relationships with British and European Men's fashion brands that offer something our customers will love.